The Role of Regulatory Frameworks in Balancing Between National Security and Competition in LEO Satellite Market

Image of earth with LEO satellites orbiting

Matin Pedram and Eugenia Georgiades compare existing regulatory frameworks for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and argue none are robust, transparent, or efficient enough yet to curb monopolistic or rent-seeking behaviors. Likewise, Pedram and Georgiades reveal how national security concerns can be overextended to instead protect domestic space activities.

Pedram and Georgiades analyze licensing requirements, detail the competition at the rocket launch and internet provision stages, and propose solutions enabling LEO satellites to be a tool for connecting remote and underserved areas to the Internet.

The authors conclude that regulatory systems can balance national security and market forces in a way that does not force states to choose between their interests.

By Eugenia Georgiades

Associate Professor, School of Law and Justice, University of Southern Queensland.

By Matin Pedram

Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of Law, Bond University

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