The Journal of National Security Law and Policy is the world’s only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to security law and policy issues, including counterterrorism, cybersecurity, targeted killing, autonomous weapons, international humanitarian law, and domestic terrorism.

JNSLP’s Editor-in-Chief is William C. Banks.

Reviewers include distinguished members of the journal’s editorial board; law professors; academics from other disciplines; and members of the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and civil liberties communities.

Vol 13. No. 3

The Case for Attempted Perfidy: An “Attempt” to Enhance Deterrent Value | Geoffrey Corn

Lawfare and Sea Power: A Historical Perspective | Dennis Harbin

China’s Anti-Monopoly Merger Control and National Security: Interactions with Foreign Investment Law and Beyond | Meirong Jin & Qian Li

Book Review

A Bellicose Founding Charter: The U.S. and Providing for the “Common Defence” | Lt. Col. Daniel E. Schoeni

Student Notes

Advanced Reactors and Nuclear Terrorism: Rethinking the International Framework | Cameron Tarry Hughes

Congressional and Supreme Court Restraints on Treaty Termination Carried Out at the President’s “Lowest Ebb” of Authority | Shervin Taheran

Vol. 13 No. 2


Analyzing the Impacts of Targeted Killing: Lessons for the United States | Mitt Regan

Analyzing the Legality and Effectiveness of US Targeted Killing | Laurie R. Blank

Over-the-Horizon Drone Strikes in an Ongoing Global War: Afghanistan and Beyond | Laura A. Dickinson

Drone Strike—Analyzing Public Perceptions of Legitimacy | Paul Lushenko

Endless War Challenges Analysis of Drone Strike Effectiveness | David Sterman

Managing the Terrorism Threat with Drones |  Katherine Zimmerman

US Commercial Space Regulation: The Rule of Three | John S. Goehring

An Army Turned Inward: Reforming the Insurrection Act to Guard Against Abuse | Elizabeth Goitein & Joseph Nunn