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  1. Good Afternoon,

    Do you take papers on human trafficking? We are developing multiple human trafficking research projects and are developing a list of potential journals in which to publish.
    We are looking at human trafficking as a security and safety issue (international, domestic, local). We are looking at anti-trafficking and counter-trafficking policies, programs, and partnerships (international orgs, US government, NGO, and nonprofit).

    Given above, we think our research could support your topics: Human Rights, Geopolitics, National Security, Technology & Cybersecurity, Intelligence, National Security Law, Human Rights in Cyberspace, Cybersecurity Law & Policy, Cybercrime (grooming and exploitation).

    Also, We are developing a few papers on public finance and national security. Do you take papers on public and finance that fall into the realm of national security – public policy, administration, and strategy?

    Also looking at COVID-19.


    Justin Miller

    Justin R. Miller
    MA Political Science (Public Policy)
    Assistant Director, Center for Public & Nonprofit Management

    University of Central Florida
    College of Community Innovation and Education
    School of Public Administration
    528 W. Livingston Street
    Orlando, Florida 32801

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