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Special Online Issue: Capitol Insurrection 2021

January 6, 2021, was supposed to be the day that Joe Biden became the congressionally certified winner of the 2020 presidential election. Instead, January 6 will be remembered as the day a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol. As the mob easily overcame inadequate security, members of Congress and staff feared for their lives.

By any measure, January 6 was a day like no other in American history. The assault on the Capitol attempted to obstruct and thwart one of the fundamentals of our democracy – the peaceful transition of leadership from one elected President to the next. There can be no more direct and significant threat to our national security.

The unprecedented assault on our democracy and the rule of law prompted JNSLP to reach out to our distinguished editorial board. We asked that some of them prepare succinct reactions to January 6 and its significance for our nation. The response from the board was gratifying.

The 10 essays that follow represent a diverse range of opinions and analysis, highly appropriate for an interdisciplinary board of scholars and practitioners. What the essays share, however, is a uniform repulsion at the events of January 6 and the direct threat to our governance that the mob represented.

William C. Banks
January 25, 2021

Vol. 11 No. 1: Special Issue on COVID-19 and the Law

As the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 erupted and swept the globe in late 2019 and early 2020, a full-blown pandemic quickly and significantly affected the United States. As the public health crisis worsened in the winter and spring of 2020, it soon became clear that our national security institutions and processes were being tested, sometimes in new and unique ways.

A few JNSLP stalwarts commiserated with me about some of the legal and policy issues early on, and by April 2020 we had conceived this Special Issue of the Journal, focused on COVID-19 …


Leadership in a Time of Pandemic: Act Well the Given Part James E. Baker

The Roles of the State and Federal Governments in a Pandemic Emily Berman

Emergency Powers, Real and Imagined: How President Trump Used and Failed to Use Presidential Authority in the COVID-19 Crisis Elizabeth Goitein

A Historical Review of the State Police Powers and Their Relevance to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 Edward P. Richards

Domestic Military Operations and the Coronavirus Pandemic Mark Nevitt


Good Health and Good Privacy Go Hand-in-Hand Jennifer Daskal

From Shortages to Stockpiles: How the Defense Production Act Can be Used to Save Lives, Make America the Global Arsenal of Public Health, and Address the Security Challenges Ahead James E. Baker  

COVID-19 and Military Law Eugene R. Fidell


Access to Public Records and the Role of the News Media in Providing Information About COVID-19 Adam A. Marshall & Gunita Singh

Falsehoods and the Patois of Pandemics—A Playbook Dina Temple-Raston & Harvey Rishikof


The Failing Federation: Why Canada Is Ineffective at COVID-19 Amir Attaran

Cyber Attacks and Cyber (Mis)information Operations During a Pandemic Marko Milanovic & Michael N. Schmitt

U.N. Peacekeeping in a Time of Pandemic: Reconciling Armed Conflict Management While Helping to Fight COVID-19  Bruce C. Rashkow

The world's only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to national security law and policy.