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The Journal of National Security Law and Policy is the world’s only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to security law and policy issues such as counterterrorism, cybersecurity, targeted killing, autonomous weapons, international humanitarian law, and domestic terrorism.

Reviewers include distinguished members of the journal’s editorial board; law professors; academics from other disciplines; and members of the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and civil liberties communities.

Vol. 13 No. 2


Analyzing the Impacts of Targeted Killing: Lessons for the United States | Mitt Regan

Analyzing the Legality and Effectiveness of US Targeted Killing | Laurie R. Blank

Over-the-Horizon Drone Strikes in an Ongoing Global War: Afghanistan and Beyond | Laura A. Dickinson

Drone Strike—Analyzing Public Perceptions of Legitimacy | Paul Lushenko

Endless War Challenges Analysis of Drone Strike Effectiveness | David Sterman

Managing the Terrorism Threat with Drones |  Katherine Zimmerman

US Commercial Space Regulation: The Rule of Three | John S. Goehring

An Army Turned Inward: Reforming the Insurrection Act to Guard Against Abuse | Elizabeth Goitein & Joseph Nunn

The world's only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to national security law and policy.