US Commercial Space Regulation: The Rule of Three

A rocket engine for Blue Origin

John Goehring argues the US regulatory environment for commercial space programs should promote industry growth, comply with international obligations, and preserve national security.

Goehring dubs these commercial space regulation efforts as the “rule of three.” After providing a brief background on existing regulatory regimes for commercial space operations, he describes the components of the rule of three and the sources of authority they are derived from. He then analyzes and applies the rule of three to two aspects of commercial space regulation: remote sensing, and radiofrequency collection.

Goehring observes that the regulatory regime for remote sensing satisfies and balances all three objectives appropriately whereas the radiofrequency collecting regime has gaps. He concludes that balance, dynamism, and embracing a holistic perspective are key toward striving for and attaining these three goals to ensure no regulatory gaps exist in the US commercial space industry.

By John Goehring

John S. Goehring is a space and national security law attorney for the Department of Defense and a judge advocate in the United States Air Force Reserve. The views expressed are solely that of the author and do not reflect the position of the US government, the Department of Defense, or the Air Force.

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