Cyber Weapons & Export Control: Incorporating Dual Use with the PrEP Model

cyber weapons
Some data acquisition/transfer device at CERN (CMS experiment).

In “Cyber Weapons and Export Control,” Trey Herr and Paul Rosenzweig take up the complex task of characterizing software products in the context of the current export regulatory regime. Herr and Rosenzweig use their PrEP model to distinguish the components of the software functionally. They isolate the payload component as requiring special consideration, and propose a policy approach to regulating software exports based on their effects.

By Trey Herr

Senior Research Associate, George Washington University’s Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute and fellow with New America’s Cyber Initiative.

By Paul Rosenzweig

Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University, Washington, DC; Principal, Red Branch Consulting, PLLC; Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute.

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