Capitol Insurrection

Stepping Back from the Brink?

By Robert S. Taylor

The attack on the Capitol has revealed for the entire world to see that our democracy is fragile, and its survival is not ensured. Donald Trump is no longer President, but the poison he tirelessly pumped into the body politic is still coursing through our veins.

The violence on January 6 resulted in five deaths, but its threat to our country cannot be gauged by these numbers. With a little more coordination among the attackers, with less individual heroics by such Capitol Police as Officer Eugene Goodman, and with less good luck, members of the House and Senate, and even the Vice President, could have been “arrested” or killed, and the final step in the constitutional process for certification of the election of the president perverted …

Lead Author

Robert S. Taylor
Robert S. Taylor served as Principal Deputy General Counsel, DoD, during the Obama Administration. He is currently the General Counsel of a charitable entity providing social impact capital in the developing world.
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