Cyber Threats and the Law of War

When I was invited to participate in a forum dealing with “National Security Threats in Cyberspace,” sponsored by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security and the National Strategy Forum, my assigned role was to provide a “succinct and brief” explanation of how the existing Law of War (LOW) might be applied to cyber threats. The Journal of National Security Law & Policy later requested that I reduce my comments to writing. No doubt this generous request was made due to the brevity of my analysis, rather than to my intellectual prowess. Others have dealt with this subject in a far more detailed and sophisticated fashion …


Lead Author

David E. Graham
David E. Graham, a retired Army Colonel, has extensive experience in International Law and played a seminal role in developing the field of Operational Law. He served as Chief of the International/Operational Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, and as Director of the Center for Law and Military Operations, now an integral part of the Army JAG School. Mr. Graham has a long-standing relationship with the former JAG School and the University of Virginia, where he was a professor, department head, and academic director. He has published articles in multiple law journals and has lectured extensively worldwide.
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