Capitol Insurrection

The Capitol Insurrection and Pineapples on Pizza

By Paul Rosenzweig

The events of January 6th will echo in American history for years to come. While other essays in this special edition may focus on root causes of the insurrection or legal issues relating to the definition of domestic insurrection, in this brief essay I want to look at the role that cybersecurity efforts played in saving our Nation. Along the way, I will also explore the role Hawaiian pizza played (but more on that later).

Cybersecurity may not have the most obvious nexus to the insurrection, but it assuredly did. To see this most clearly, we might begin with a thought experiment grounded in the assault on the Capitol …

Lead Author

Paul Rosenzweig
Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University, Washington, DC; Principal, Red Branch Consulting, PLLC; Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute.
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